Neu: Hair&Make-up for CMA 01

Camera by Nathan Beck

Hair&Make-up for CMA 02

Camera by Nathan Beck

"A day with YVY"

Short Film - Director: Nathan Beck,

Assistant: Robert Aebli,
Fitting model: Sandra Jahn,

Hair&Make-up: Nathalie Meier

"ESPERANZA" Al-Berto & the Fried Bikinis

  Musicvideo directed by Fabian Weber

 Hair&Make-up: Nathalie Meier

Backstage, Esmara Collection by Heidi Klum  

"Gib nid uf" Baschi

 Musicvideo from the album "Endstation  Glück." Regie: Sebastian   Bürgin and  Thomas Hof, Actress:   Melanie Oertig,

 Hair&Make-up: Nathalie Meier

"HA, HA, HA" Forget About It

French-American series directed by Rob Sitbon

Hair&Make-up: Nathalie Meier

Divercity Exists

Director: Claudia Bach

Maske & spezial Effekte: Nathalie Meier

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